With our consulting services we closely work on the processes and  challenges of our clients and ensure the success of new concepts, by accompanying their implementation:

  • Achievement of efficiency targets, by suitable organisational and process models. Standardisation of interfaces to other process partners. Staff development planning.
  • Ensuring production, by clear responsibilities in FM supported by Servide Level Agreements with process partners.
  • Achievement of energy targets, by efficient operation of buildings and plants.
  • Cost reduction, by optimisation of areas.
  • Optimisation of cost of operation, by providing FM planning in the planning phase of greenfield projects.
  • Ensuring a smooth hand over from construction (build) to operation (run), by system supported commissioning, acceptance and handover process.
  • Achievement of market prices for external facility and industrial services, by professional tenders, implementation of services and management of suppliers.
  • Achievement of cost flexibility, by differentiated operation and maintenance strategies, switching of service levels.