Relocation Management


Preliminary planning
Relocation planning
Relocation and Start-up

teamgnesda plans, co-ordinates and controls the relocation and supports the employees, including follow-up support, to find their way in the new environment.

Design phase:

  • Set up project management
  • Clarification of framework conditions

Planning phase:

  • Award phase: Carry out volume assessment, create specification list and develop schedule.
  • Detail planning and preparing the move: Refine schedule, include staff and set-up web platform.

Move and commissioning:

  • Safety and security measures
  • Relocation types (pre-, main and subsequent relocation)
  • Transitional operation
  • Approval and completion work
  • Life at the new location


  • Partnership with the customer
  • Refinish
  • Approval of fault removal

Whilst a small, powerful project team will focus on the creation of the specification list and a detailed description of the removal services during the “award phase”, a highly efficient relocation coordination team will be in touch with as many members of staff as possible during the “detail planning” and “preparing the move” phase. The key to the “detail planning” phase is the meticulous preparation of the “first day after the move”. This day is the yardstick for staff satisfaction and therefore an essential part of the project’s success.